Free Uber Ride via Facebook Messenger

Recently, Uber and Facebook teamed up to deliver quick and easy transportation to the Facebook Messenger app.  This allows anyone with a Messenger account to easily order a ride when they are making plans over Messenger.  Transportation on Messenger is another step forward for Uber by integrating itself into popular apps like they did with Google maps.

Convenience and Forward Thinking

This type of convenience and forward thinking has kept Uber ahead of the game.  Taxi companies have fallen to the street side due to the big moves that rideshare companies have taken.  Bringing Uber rides to Messanger targets the type of demographics that Uber is after in the 18-40 age range which makes this partnership ideal for global expansion.


Try the Messenger App

If you want to give it a try, first download the latest version of the Messenger app.  From the conversation view select the more menu and pick Transportation.  You’ll be able to request a ride and be on your way in a matter of minutes.messenger-uber-more-button

Free Ride Messenger Promo

If you are new to Uber then you’ll want to use the Uber promo code: FLY to get a free ride.  As of January 14th 2016, the free ride is only valid for new users and not existing users of the Uber-platform.  If you have already used the Uber app in the past then you may want to check out our codes for existing users guide.