Introducing Round Up & Donate

Lyft lately introduced a new program dubbed Round Up & Donate.

This innovative program is aimed at allowing users of the rideshare service to opt in and make a contribution to charity when they ride with Lyft.

Round Up & Donate

How it Works

In the latest version of the Lyft app, (Can be updated on Android and will soon be available on iOS) find the Round Up & Donate option under settings.

Turn it on once, and your fares will be rounded up to the nearest whole dollar after each ride.

The program was first unveiled in The New York Times.

The release article published in the paper stated that the extra amount of the rounding off procedure will go to the charitable causes that the company looks forward to being a part of through its donations.

Lyft says this will enable people to make a difference in climate change and also the pursuit of the much-needed equality.

Better yet?

Users will be able to choose the benefiting charity right from the app.

In the coming days, they will also be able to vote in charities of their choice to be included in the beneficiary list; they, therefore, have a big role to play in charity and philanthropy through the company.

Who are the Beneficiaries?

Currently, in light of the Military Appreciation Month, the first benefiting cause is the USO.

As time goes by, more beneficiaries will be added.

Lyft is keen to bring on board causes that address a wide range of issues ranging from the environment, health awareness, poverty eradication and such other issues that make the world a better place.

Is This New?

The program essentially is not a new concept in the U.S.

Round Up & Donate_2

There are numerous stores that allow shoppers to do something that is more or less the same to Round Up & Donate.

There is also a Texas-based rideshare nonprofit organization Ride Austin which allows users to give local charities with contributions on an ongoing basis.

Charitable giving is also something that is not new to Lyft as a company.

Earlier in the year, the company committed to donating one million dollars towards the American Civil Liberties Union.

Take Away

Round Up & Donate is a good cause that kills two giants with one stone.

While it reduces the carbon footprint on the environment through motor vehicle use, it also gives users an opportunity to change lives and to make a difference where it really matters.