Lyft and Waze Team Up in Partnership

Lyft is in pursuit of transforming urban transportation.

By providing better options for drivers and riders, Lyft will ensure that our cities are more habitable.

Lyft Partners with Waze

Lyft has taken another step toward making that reality, by announcing a pioneer and unique partnership with Waze.

Being the first ridesharing company in the U.S. to incorporate Waze’s Transport SDK, Lyft will use the renowned mapping and navigation technology by Waze to make itself even more effective for both drivers and riders.

Lyft and Waze integration provides new benefits and in-app features for passengers and drivers.

They include:

Default Navigation

Lyft is always looking for ways to give its drivers tools for success.

Navigation is among the most crucial factors for ratings of a driver.

To help drivers maintain their high ratings, Waze is now going to be the default navigation for every new driver.

Route Updating

On both Android and iOS, Lyft is now able to update a driver’s route simultaneously in Waze.

This means more effective Lyft Line matches can be created by adding a rider pickup while a driver is on the way to their next stop.

This is beneficial in that it shortens ride wait times, and Lyft Line detours, therefore everyone gets to their destinations faster.

‘Return to Lyft’ Button for Drivers

Drivers can press a ‘Return to Lyft’ button that instantly resurfaces the Lyft app, when navigating with Waze.

It is now an easy, smooth transition for drivers to switch from Waze direction-finding back into Lyft to tap the “drop off” or “arrived” button during rides.

Lyft decided to partner with Waze since they share the vision of transforming urban transportation.

Since its launch in 2007, Waze’s novel approach to crowd-sourcing data to find the best route for vehicles on the ground has made it possible to reduce pollution and congestion in our cities.

Together, Lyft and Waze are able to even more extensively contribute to their shared goal, while concurrently making the Lyft experience faster, smoother and more pleasant for passengers and drivers.

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