UBER Driver Pay: 3 Proven Methods to Earn BIG [2017]

There are a lot of factors when it comes to Uber driver pay.

Prospective drivers often wonder “how much do Uber drivers make?”

The advantage of being a rideshare driver is the fact that you can be your boss by choosing your own working hours, and most importantly, earn more at your own convenience.

If you are looking for an extra income, why not sign up and drive with Uber today?

UBER Driver Pay

You enjoy to meet new faces, interact and driving off to different destinations.

Moreover, with all these, you stand to gain more!

Below are some of the facts you need to know about Uber and how to generate income as a rideshare driver.

1. Uber Driver Salary Expectations

If you know what to expect, you can manipulate the circumstances to earn more.

The obvious benefit of this type of work is being paid to drive people around.


When it comes to an Uber driver salary?

There are usually a lot of questions.

For example, Uber claims that drivers earn an average of $25 hourly on about 1.3 rides per hour (average).

These earnings, though, do not include fees for car insurance, gas, tolls, or other miscellaneous costs of driving jobs.

Here are a few good starting points as far as answers go.

How Much Do Uber Drivers Make Per Fare?

How much an Uber driver can make per trip will greatly depend on the city the driver is operating in and the number of working hours.

For example?

An Uber driver can make an average of $ 10.14 in Nashville while the same driver can earn an average of $29.34 in New York City per trip.

UBER Driver Salary Per Fare

This is also based upon other factors.

How many fares earned per hour has a lot to do with that average.

A lot of this is out of your control as a driver, because you cannot choose to do only short trips.

However, you can use a little strategy to increase your hourly rate for making money with Uber.

Examples include:

  • Driving during surge pricing, which entails higher demand (you’ll always have a fare).
  • Include extras to earn tips.  Available phone chargers, tissue, access to music, & even water bottles have the potential to earn big tips.
  • In some locations, take advantage of the Power Driver Plus program to earn bonuses (these will boost your hourly average; more on this program later).

Drive with Uber Part-Time vs Full-Time

Many people wonder ‘how much do Uber drivers make part-time?’

Or, what about full-time?

You can choose to work as a part-time driver or a full-time driver with Uber.

And you can switch at any time.

In fact, you don’t need to declare being part or full-time.

Just simply drive when you need to earn.

When working as a part-time driver the advantage is that you can choose your own working hours with which you are comfortable.

You can either decide to work during peak or off peaks periods.

Therefore, working part-time is much more flexible than full-time.

Furthermore, you will have more time to yourself to do other things.

If you already have a job?

This makes a great second gig!

Pro Tip:  If you’re driving as a full-time gig,  we suggest also becoming a Lyft driver.  There are advantages of each platform, and the requirements are very similar, so why not take advantage of every perk?

How Much Does an Uber Driver Make on Average?

An average driver salary can net about $600 to $ 730 on average.

This depends on the city and your working hours.

For instance, in Los Angeles, a driver can make on average $616 net earning while in San Francisco it is about $732 weekly net earnings.

As you can imagine, bigger cities average bigger payouts.

More customers = more fares.

Even if you’re in a small city, there are ways to boost your average (more on that below).

How Much Do Uber Drivers Get Paid During a Surge?

A surge is a period when there is high demand for rides and fare increase to cater for those in need.

For a driver?

UBER Pay During SurgeDuring a surge, it means an increase in fare and a constant flow of ride request from potential clients.

Surge prices are calculated by multiplying the total trip per fare by the current surge multiplier.

It could be as low as 1.5, as high as 10, or anywhere in between.

It’s based on demand.

And what does this do for Uber driver pay?

Depending on the location of the request, a driver can net up to $30 or more minus the Uber fee.

As far as making money with Uber, driving during surge times is key.

How Much Money Do Uber Drivers Make After Expenses?

A driver can make an average of about $4 to $20 or more.

However, this depends on the additional expenses incurred by the driver such as parking fees, maintenance, repair costs, and car washes among other expenses.

The less the expenses the more the driver will net.

Expenses are difficult to calculate.


Because drivers use their personal vehicles, it’s difficult to discern which expenses come from personal use, and which ones come from professional use.

Still, though…

Earnings far outweigh any expenses incurred in almost all cases.

Pro Tip:  To reduce expenses and boost your overall pay rate, you can take advantage of many perks offered to drivers.  These include their fuel & maintenance discount program, help with reducing your phone bill, free music, and even financial advice.

How Much Commission Does Uber Make from Drivers?

Uber takes about 20% after deduction of every rider’s fee while drivers keep the remaining 80% of the total fare for a given ride.

Uber driver salary also includes tips.

While the app doesn’t allow passengers to tip, drivers can accept cash tips.

Is there commission on tips?


When it comes to Uber tipping, drivers keep 100%.

How Much Does an Uber Driver Make from UberPOOL Rides?

UberPool allows passengers to share rides while cutting down on cost.

Passengers heading the same direction can share the ride as well as the fare.

But for drivers?

UberPool pays for the time and distance like for any other request.

Payment starts from the very first time you pick your passenger to the time you drop them off.

You can make an average of $8 and above on every UberPool ride.

In fact…

A driver can earn more when they have bigger pools request compared to having just one rider.

2. Learn Uber Driver Pay Specifics

Here’s an example of how much money you could make with Uber.

The average Uber driver makes around $19/hr.

In L.A., that average is between $19-$23/hr.

Drivers in New York City can make over $30/hr!

For the full-time rideshare driver, the average salary will be about $40,000 a year (net after taxes and expenses).


Now that we’ve answered the common ‘how much do Uber drivers make’ inquiry, take a peek at some specifics concerning Uber driver pay, structure, expenses, and more.

It pays to know the details.

UBER Driver Pay Specifics

Especially with a job such as this, in which you’re in charge of yourself essentially, it’s new to a lot of people.

We’ve got some guidance below to help you along.

How Often Do Uber Drivers Get Paid?

Uber driver pay occurs on a weekly basis via direct deposit.

During signup, you will enter your bank account information so that this is a seamless process from week to week.

UBER Instant Pay

If you need money before payday, you’re in luck.

Check out Instant Pay.

Instant Pay lets you cash out anytime!

You can even cash out up to 5 times within the same day if needed.

Two weeks of driving and at least 25 trips enables this feature.

It’s ultimate convenience.

There are a couple of different options for adding a debit card.

Also, the process to cash out is just a couple of button taps.

How is the Uber Driver Pay Structure Calculated?

Making money with Uber is relatively simple.

A fare is charged at the end of every trip a passenger takes.

Fare calculation is based on the distance and how long it takes to complete the ride.

This is done by adding the base fare if applicable plus the time and distance rate involved.

Also added is an average booking fee of $1 to $2 for passengers.

What do drivers receive?

Drivers receive these fares minus a small commission deduction from Uber (20%), plus any tips of course.

What Expenses Are Covered When Driving with Uber?

Since rideshare drivers are independent contractors, they are liable for their own expenses.

This includes gas, maintenance, etc.

Uber does, however, offer every driver an insurance policy cover with $1 million of coverage per incident.

This covers drivers while in driver mode.

How Do Taxes Affect Uber Drivers’ Pay?

As independent contractors, Uber does not withhold taxes from drivers’ earnings.

It is the responsibility of the individuals to file their own tax return at the end of every year.

Therefore, it is a good idea to pay taxes quarterly and withhold accordingly from your own Uber driver salary.

Most often a savings account is a good bet.

It may even earn interest!

3. Take Advantage of UBER Driver Bonuses

Who wouldn’t want a little extra money?

Bonuses are a heck of an incentive for a lot of people.

UBER Driver Bonuses

When it comes to making money with Uber, bonuses can boost your average earning rates significantly.

There are two big ones in play currently.

These include the Uber signup bonus and the Power Driver Plus program.

UBER Signup Bonus

When signing up, you can earn a pretty handsome sign-on bonus.

Plus, it’s simple!

You can begin the signup process here.

When prompted, enter promo code RIDEAPPS to indicate that you’ve been referred.

Upon completion of the signup process and your city’s requirements for initial rides, you will receive your Uber signup bonus.

Power Driver Plus Program

Uber’s Power Driver Plus program was meant as a competitive countermove to Lyft’s Power Driver program.

Since its inception, it has collectively been seen to increase satisfaction among many drivers.

After all, incentives are what drive performance in many workplaces.

Why wouldn’t rideshare drivers be any different?

These bonuses are only available in select cities, and the amounts and requirements vary from city to city.

As an example, drivers in San Francisco are eligible for bonuses of between $50-$500 for doing extra trips throughout the week and hitting certain milestones.