Uber Introduces Business Profiles

Uber Business Profiles

Uber shows that they’re all about keeping their consumer in mind with a nifty new app update.

This update will make it easier to keep your business and personal rides separate.

Oh, the relief!

Keeping business and your personal life separate is a feat among itself, but it shouldn’t be a hassle when it comes to your Uber account.

Good thing Uber agrees.

This update consists of the addition of business profiles to the Uber app.

Now you can simply select ‘business’ or ‘personal’ when requesting a ride.

Finding, uploading, and printing receipts and keeping your expenses separate can now be easy!

Uber Business Profiles 2

For those of you who regularly use Uber for both business and personal rides, this takes a lot of hassle out of your life.

Benefits include:

  • Ensuring the right payment method is being charged (company vs. personal credit card)
  • Separate receipts to separate email addresses (organized!)
  • You can add memos or codes to your rides so you can remember them later when itemizing receipts.
  • Summary reports can be created for each profile, so you can file your expenses more easily.

You can also create a personalized badge for your personal and business profiles through the settings menu.

This adds a little fun to the whole process 🙂

Uber Business Profiles 3

To get your profiles set up through their website, get started here.